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Chinese NEW YEAR holiday already ended, it's time to focus on 2023 new year business plan implement. Many people have much worry about 2023 business developing. 

Do not be discouraged, in 2023 the United States, Europe, Russian exports may be as hot as in 2021? If the war between Ukraine and Russia puts NATO and Russia into a full-scale war, a massive war of attrition. In fact, this is a high probability thing.

First, if NATO and Russia go to full-scale war, then the demand for all aspects will grow explosively, not only basic daily, survival and daily necessities, including steel and machine parts and medical supplies, and hoarding may intensify. Even many countries may make more hoarding and protection for fear of nuclear war (in fact, the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, etc. really need to hoard).

Second, NATO and Russia are completely involved, there will be many countries involved, and the largest supply station that can supply products to the world will still be us, after all, this demand Southeast Asian production capacity can not catch up in a short time. Once NATO is fully involved, Afghanistan, North Korea, Belarus on Russia's side will also join, Iran is pending, which is equivalent to the official occurrence of World War III.

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